A Holy Month for Muslims

As Muslims the Ramadan is one special month in the Hijriah calendar system. The Ramadan becomes a special month for Muslims because they must do the 30 days of fasting in that month. They also will do specific religious rituals such as Tarawih praying and eating on Iftar. There are many of Muslims who are doing the Ramadan fasting will support their Muslim families. There is a part of tradition for them to send the ramadan wishes so their Muslim families will have a new spirit for fasting in Ramadan.

In Ramadan all Muslims will do the Ramadan fasting from the sun rise to the sun set and they are not allowed for drinking water either. After the sun set they will eat again and then later they will do the special praying in Ramadan that is called as Tarawih with their significant others in their neighborhoods. Why are Muslims fasting in Ramadan? The answer is because they have a religious point of view that by fasting is meant to get a chance to be closer to God and it is also believed by them as the other method for self reflection.

Islam teaches them to be humble to others and as we all know there are so many unlucky people in this world. There are many poor people who live in this world but they can’t eat foods every day. They are living in a struggle and they have to be patient for living such a pity life. In Ramadan all Muslims will also do specific religious ritual such as the alms and it means giving the money for those who need them. The Muslims must also pay zakat for the poor people by the end of Ramadan and that kind of zakat is called zakat fitrah. This kind of zakat is known as for giving the amount of rice to the poor people ahead of Eid- al Fitr day.

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