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Bragging Rights

There is a special gleam in a knitter's eye when he or she's finished a project, the satisfaction of a job well done.

We are very proud to showcase our knitters and their exceptional work.

Judith completed her Ella Rae sweater and gave it to her very grateful daughter, Joyce. A beautiful finish!

Judith knit this pretty little stranded dress for Ava. Here they are at grandson Connor's birthday party.

Nice work again, Judith!!

Here is a close-up of Ava's dress. Judith's attention to detail is evident in her beautiful stranded color work and notice the elegant hemline. Truly a work of art!

Susan Sherman knit this sweater for herself from an Ella Rae pattern. She was so inspirational that four other Project Central knitters ordered the book and have started work on their own versions of the sweater.

Susan, you ROCK!!

Judy Willingham shows off her successful zippered vest. This one was a good project in learning about gauge. Judy finished it off with a zipper and wears it to the store to share with the Friday Night Knitting Group.

We're proud of your creativity!

Come and join us for a Project Central, a Private Lesson, or a Scheduled Class and you'll probably knit something worth bragging about, too.

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