Simple Things You Must Know About Shaving

How to remove this hair can be done in any part of the body. As long as it is done carefully and carefully. Because using a shaver or an electric shaver means you cut it very close to the skin. Well, this is what increases the risk of your skin getting hurt while shaving. The good news, you can prevent that. On the other hand, we’d like you to also check out the best กำจัดขนโดยเลเซอร์ near your area.

If you use a disposable razor, wet your skin and use soap or shaving foam. Shave to follow the direction the hair grows. Change your razor regularly because you can hurt yourself with a blunt razor. Unfortunately this one method has a resistance that is somewhat less than if you remove hair by pulling it out. Within a period of at least a week, hairs on the body may reappear, so you should shave as often as possible.

There is a very popular myth that if you shave your hair then it will cause hair to grow coarser. Well, it turns out this myth can be explained scientifically. Fur has a soft tip. When you shave it, you cut the smooth part. That’s why the fur that grows then feels rough.

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