Simple Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

In order to maintain durability and can cool the room optimally, the air conditioner must be maintained regularly. Dirty air conditioning can be a source of viruses and bacteria that can spread throughout the room. In addition, through the mediation of air, germs can enter the respiratory organs. As a result, people can get sick. Apart from that, we recommend you to check out the best aircon service singapore whenever your AC needs to be repaired by the trusted experts in the business.

Albert Fleming, Home Appliances Product Manager from Polytron provides a number of tips that can be done by ordinary people to keep air conditioning from spouting cold and durable air.

Clean the unit’s indoor filter

The indoor filter unit can be cleaned easily. The trick is to open the AC cover, then remove the filter made of plastic. Dirty air filters will inhibit the process of air circulation and become a cozy spot for nasty microbes and fungi to grow.

This dust mixed with bacteria will flow to the evaporator coil (vaporizer roll) then spread back to the entire room.

In addition, nasty parts of an AC may affect the work of its system for cooling, and it may become heavier, so it does not produce maximum cold air. As a result, the air conditioner does not feel cold and wasteful of electrical energy.

The filter can be cleaned by washing with soap. After that, dry the air filter and reattach it. It is recommended that the AC filter is cleaned every three to four weeks.

Clean the AC condenser or the outdoor unit

Outdoor units containing condensers are usually placed outdoors. Make sure the condenser is always clean of dust, shrubs, and leaves. If you want to clean, first turn off the air conditioner and clean the dust attached by using a vacuum cleaner.

The AC condenser can also be washed by spraying high-pressure water to clean the fan inside. The condenser can be washed like we wash a motorbike. Spray water on the inside until all the dust inside is gone.

If the water we spray comes out without dust and dirt, it’s a sign that the condenser is clean of dust and dirt. After that, make sure the condenser is dry before using it again.

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