These Are Some Diseases That Can Occur Because Too Long In A Room That Uses Air Conditioners

For those of you who are accustomed to using air conditioners in all rooms in your home or even office, you need to be careful because there are many germs and microorganisms that nest in the air conditioner local service. For this reason, air conditioners must be cleaned regularly so that all germs and dirt can be lost and nothing is carried into the air in the room. Use services from aircon servicing to be able to get the right cleaning process for air conditioner and according to what you need.

Please note that for those of you who are often in a room that uses the air conditioner, then you will be very susceptible to various germs and bacteria that are in the air conditioner and carried into the air. Some diseases that can happen to you are.

– Bell’s Palsy
Bell ‘palsy is a paralysis of the face on one side. This is due to continuous exposure so that the face will look tilted. Mostly, this disease is carried by a virus from an air conditioner or fan.

– Torticollis
Torticollis is a condition of the throat, usually when you wake up. Patients will feel neck pain, stiffness, pain like being electrocuted, and difficult to move.

– Frozen shoulder
Frozen shoulder is a disease that attacks the shoulder and is felt to be very painful when I wake up.

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Most carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers will feel hand tingling, pain, especially on the thumb. This will happen even worse if you are immediately exposed to AC or a fan at night.

The illness caused by the air conditioner is indeed a fairly severe disease. Not only attacks the body, but the diseases also target the neck, head, hands, to other organs that will experience nerve disorders. Everything is caused by the use of an air conditioner for a long period of time. Then, adjust its use to your needs.

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