Vinyl or Parquet Floors: Where’s Bagusan?

Floor Coating made from Solid Wood is also known as “Parquet” (English: Parquet). This floor coating is taken from nature. Primarily, it comes from teak, merbau, sonokeling, bengkirai, etc. The characteristics of a strong wood are clearly one of the pluses of this type of floor coating. The application of parquet to residential, not only gives a natural impression. An elegant, luxurious and artistic atmosphere is created when parquet is chosen as an interior element of the floor. Because of that, the price of parquet on the market is fairly expensive, when compared to other types of floor coverings. And if parquet products are made of teak wood, then the price is much more expensive. Different from the luxury vinyl plank.

A number of advantages of parquet are creating the impression of natural-elegant-luxurious-and artistic. Can last long – the durability very much depends on the time of the initial installation, the application of the right space, and the correct maintenance, then 15-20 years is the time that can be achieved by parquet. Safe from any substance, because it is made of real wood. The selling value of occupancy has a higher bargaining position in the eyes of prospective buyers. In addition to a number of advantages, there is also a shortage of solid wood floors, including expensive prices, because the availability of raw materials is increasingly minimal in nature. Humidity is one of the many shortcomings; Although Vinyl Floors look like wood or wood-patterned, this type of floor covering is not made of wood at all. This type of floor is currently hitting on the world market, including Indonesia. Hits, because the price of material and its installation are considered by consumers to be relatively cheaper. Even though it is not the best type of floor covering among other types of floor coatings, Vinyl Floors are often the top choice, when prices, motives, impressions, and durability are taken into consideration.

Vinyl Flooring is very resistant to heavy furniture on it or through it because it has an anti-scratch layer. Not affected by sunlight even though the sun is illuminated for a long time. Sunlight does not make Vinyl expand physically.

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